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The UAVfind RC Field Recovery Kit is an ideal way to track your Drone. The transceiver weighs less than 50 grams, including its own battery, and is extremely rugged so it will continue to operate even after a crash. The handheld locator uses Doppler automatic direction finding, similar to Lojack vehicle tracking systems.

The locator can track a lost drone up to 2 miles away line-of-sight. The rechargeable battery in the transceiver can operate in standby for up to one month or be continuously tracked for up to 8 days. Because the system uses point-to-point RF, no cellular service is needed for its operation.

The kit has everything you need to track one UAV for $219.97 Two additional transceivers can be added to work with the same locator for $93.97 each.

The operation is as simple as pushing one button and following the directional arrow. No manual sweeping of the unit to find the maximum signal strength is required since the handheld locator uses automatic Doppler for location.

RC Field Recovery Kit

  • Marco Polo transceiver and handheld locator.

    AC charger for transceiver and locator.

    Custom Field Case 

    20 four inch zip ties.

    Wrist strap

    Additional transceiver accessory $92.97

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