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What is Marco Polo's Range?

Marco Polo works up to 2 miles (3.2 km) in line-of-sight situations. Expect approximately 1/2 mile (.8 km) in mildly rolling terrain with moderate vegetation. Your individual performance will depend on the specific conditions in the area of use, such as terrain, vegetation, and obstructions. If your lost RC model is beyond Marco Polo’s initial range, you can expand the range by implementing a search strategy using a vehicle or by walking.


How Much Does The Marco Polo Tag Weigh?

While Marco Polo may be the smallest and lightest RC model tracking and recovery solution available, its range of operation greatly exceeds that of other solutions on the market. The tag transceiver weighs 12 grams (0.42 oz.) including its own LiPo battery and battery charge controller.


How Does Marco Polo Work?

The Marco Polo tracking system operates like a “personal radar”. First, the handheld locator transmits a signal to the tag transceiver in your model. Then, the transceiver sends a signal back that allows the locator to determine the bearing from your position to the lost model. Finally, the locator processes the bearing and the received signal strength level once every 5 seconds and puts the results on the LCD display. The bearing indication becomes more and more sensitive as you approach your model. And together with frequent updates, Marco Polo allows you to home in on your model’s exact location, to within inches.


Does Marco Polo Use GPS or Cellular?

No. Marco Polo is a completely self-contained solution for RC model tracking and recovery. And because Marco Polo does not use GPS or cellular technology, it can work anywhere.


Will Marco Polo Interfere With My RC System Radios?

The possibility of Marco Polo interfering with RC system communications is very small. The tag transceiver in your model never transmits unless activated by the hand held locator when the “tracking mode” is enabled by you. So, during flight there is no possibility of the transceiver interfering with or desensitizing your on-board radios. Once tracking mode is activated by the locator, the Marco Polo system operates by using frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) on 50 frequencies between 902.5 and 906.5 Mhz. Additionally, Marco Polo only dwells on any single frequency for approximately 50 milliseconds once every 4 minutes.


How Long Will the Battery Charge Last?

The Marco Polo tag’s integrated LiPo battery will last approximately 10 days in standby mode waiting for a signal from the locator to activate it, or up to 3-days in continuous tracking mode.


Is The Tag Waterproof?

The RC version of the tag is not waterproof. If this is required it is possible to seal the tag inside a small zip-lock bag with the antenna protruding through a sealed hole in the bag, or you may consider using the pet version of the tag which is weather resistant and rated for brief, shallow submersion.

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