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  • Light weight – .42 oz (12 g)

  • Range up to 2 miles

  • Highly accurate, locate within inches

  • Long battery life, up to 30 days

  • Simple to use – press one button to track your drone

  • Low initial system cost

  • NO monthly cellular fees or batteries to replace

  • Purchase additional tag transceivers to protect more models (max. 3 per system)

  • FREE field pouch included


  • Place the addressable Marco Polo tag into your RC drone

  • If your drone goes missing turn on “tracking” mode to search for the tag

  • Yes, it really is that simple!

  • Follow the directional arrow and signal strength indication on the locator.

Top Features

How it Works

Great Value









The UAVfind Field Tracking System is an ideal way to track your Drone, RC copter or plane. The transceiver weighs less than 50 grams, including its own battery, and is extremely rugged so it will continue to operate even after a crash. The handheld locator uses Doppler automatic direction finding, similar to Lojack vehicle tracking systems.


The locator can track a lost drone up to 2 miles away line-of-sight. The rechargeable battery in the transceiver can operate in standby for up to one month or be continuously tracked for up to 8 days. Because the system uses point-to-point RF, no cellular service is needed for its operation.


We use the proven Marco Polo System which has everything you need to track one UAV for $219. Two additional transceivers can be added to work with the same locator for $93.95 each.


The operation is as simple as pushing one button and following the directional arrow. No manual sweeping of the unit to find the maximum signal strength is required since the handheld locator uses automatic Doppler direction finding.


If the transceiver is out of range when you begin searching you can place the handheld locator into continuous search mode, when you come within range of the transceiver they lock into a synchronized communications mode (sync channel mode) and begin exchanging digital packets once every 5 seconds. The locator calculates the distance and direction to the transceiver after each 30 msec communications session.


The transceiver on your drone never transmits unless commanded to by the locator so there is no possibility of the transceiver interfering with or desensitizing your on-board radios during flight. The transceiver can remain in standby mode "listening" for a locator's search signal for up to one month or be actively tracked by the locator for up to 8 days.

What Our Users Say...

"It sure is nice flying with confidence now with the trackers … fire it up 3 red flashes it’s fully charged and ready to fly, thanks again … I will NEVER EVER fly without Marco Polo again, just not worth it.

– nLite1 OpenPilot Forum


"Twice I’ve lost my Phantom Vision+ in dense forest and successfully tracked it for about a mile using Marco Polo. I was shocked that it worked as well as it did and that such a tiny device could emit a strong enough signal to be found in that rough terrain. Feel free to quote me on this if you like. I’m currently using the tracker on my DJI S900 and Inspire 1.

Scott – Colorado Springs


" I had my first "fly away" on my Yuneeq Q500. Marco Polo had me on the unintended landing spot in minutes. I will never fly without it ! Thanks UAVfind.

Steve -- Tomball, TX


"I shoot 50 acre plus wooded rural real estate commercially. To fly with out the Marco Polo is not in my playbook..... It's cheap insurance for my rig."

Joe -- DallasAir


"It's on my DJI Inspire with 2 zip ties and will never come off " I bought another Tag for my Phantom 3P back up drone.


Ryan -- AirMedia

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